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AvePoint Case Study

Business Disability Forum Audits Member Websites for Accessibility Compliance Faster with AvePoint Compliance Guardian Online

“Compliance Guardian Online was the ideal solution to help us assess our members and partners’ websites in order to offer a holistic audit of their recruitment processes.”

- Tracey Abbott – Recruitment Adviser, Business Disability Forum

Business Disability Forum Audits Member Websites
London, England
  • Auditing of websites for accessibility compliance using out-of-the box and customised algorithms for a range of legislation and industry requirements
  • Detailed reports on accessibility violations
  • Ease of use to enable non- technical staff to carry out auditing and reporting processes


  • Audited web applications, websites, and cloud platforms for accessibility violations and delivered detailed reports to advise members and partners faster than before
  • Simultaneously carried out auditing and reporting processes on multiple sites automatically, allowing staff to work on other assignments while audits were underway
  • Eliminated IT complexity by utilising a cloud-based solution with no additional hardware or software needed


Business Disability Forum (BDF) is a not-for-profit member organisation that makes it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people.


Founded in 1991 and currently working with more than 300 organisations, BDF’s mission is to build disability-smart organisations to improve business performance by increasing confidence, accessibility, productivity, and profitability. It achieves this by offering employers practical support in all aspects of recruiting, retaining, and developing disabled employees and transacting with disabled customers through expert advice, disability profiles, and other practical tools.

One of the services BDF provides its members and partners is access to prompt, free, and confidential advice from a team of expert disability consultants. Recruitment – including online recruiting – is a subject members often consult BDF about. “The Web is so often the gateway to an organisation for a job seeker, it is important that company websites and portals are as accessible as possible to everyone,” said Tracey Abbott, Recruitment Adviser at BDF. “We offer auditing services and best practices to ensure our members meet standards in recruitment, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).”

In order to simplify this process while still offering a thorough audit of web accessibility, BDF began a search for a technology solution. “We needed a tool that could consistently measure the accessibility of websites to offer a holistic audit of recruitment processes,” Abbott said.


After investigating software available online for auditing web accessibility, BDF reached out to its partner AvePoint for a solution. AvePoint provided Compliance Guardian Online, a complete governance, risk, and compliance platform for web applications, websites, and cloud platforms hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Compliance Guardian Online provides a comprehensive compliance analysis for websites, web applications, and SharePoint Online sites to address any violations of regulatory policies. This includes accessibility risk, which can be measured with out-of-the-box or customized checks that map to a wide range of requirements and legislation, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as well as other international and industry-specific accessibility guidelines. “Due to its ability to automatically report on standard industry accessibility violations, AvePoint Compliance Guardian Online quickly became an integral part of our recruitment auditing toolkit,” Abbott said.

Compliance Guardian Online allows BDF to quickly and easily highlight areas of member and partner websites that violate accessibility standards and produce detailed reports on findings. The ability to automate its auditing process has proven to be a significant time saver for the BDF. “With Compliance Guardian Online, I’ve been able to audit and report on as many as 100 different sites at once significantly quicker than it would take me without the tool,” Abbott said. “The ability to set the tool to reliably audit and report on multiple pages while I work on other projects for our members has proven beneficial for my role and day-to-day work.”

Since it runs on Azure, no additional hardware or software is needed to run Compliance Guardian Online, delivering on the promise of cloud computing by reducing IT complexity. Abbott could simply log in from any browser to report on web-accessible and cloud content. “I was worried that implementing a technology solution to help with website auditing would be a chore, but Compliance Guardian Online was far from it,” Abbot said. “Compliance Guardian Online makes it easy for a non-technical person such as myself to get the program up and running in order to get the results I need.”


With Compliance Guardian Online, BDF is able to quickly find sources of website accessibility issues for its members and identify non-compliance with corporate standards, industry regulations, and legislation with both out-of-the-box and customizable algorithms. With its cloud-based architecture and ease of use, Compliance Guardian Online allows even non-technical employees of BDF to take advantage of its auditing and reporting abilities to help customers correct any web accessibility issues and offer advice to help the organisations build future web properties with compliance by design. “Compliance Guardian Online was the ideal solution to help us assess our members and partners’ websites in order to offer a holistic audit of their recruitment processes,” Abbott said. “The tool is now a vital enabler, working to keep the Business Disability Forum in line with its mission to build disability-smart organisations.”


AvePoint is the established leader in enterprise-class big data management, governance, and compliance software solutions for next-generation social collaboration platforms. Focusing on helping enterprises in their digitisation journey to enable their information workers to collaborate with confidence, AvePoint is first-to-market with a unique solution that centralises access and control of information assets residing in disparate collaboration and document management systems on-premises and in the cloud. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, AvePoint serves more than 13,000 organisations worldwide, with focused practices in the energy and utilities; financial services; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; and public sector industries.

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