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  • Lessons Learned at European SharePoint Conference

  • ESPC may be over, but the learning continues!

    In case you missed it, or in case you experienced information overload, we'll be recapping lessons learned and bringing clarity to the news that came out of Vienna to help you navigate a Post-ESPC world.

    Join our AvePoint subject matter expert to learn about the following:

    • A recap of the new announcements around SharePoint and Office 365
    • Discussing topics like Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Activity Management, Groups, and Security / Compliance
    • Benefits, concerns, and predictions for the future of SharePoint and Office 365, and what it all means for you
    • AvePoint solutions that will help you continue to stay ahead of the ongoing changes in the collaboration landscape
  • AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: Policy-Driven Protection for Office 365​

  • It seems every day theres a new headline about another data privacy or record keeping violation. So it comes as no surprise that a key part to Microsofts evolution of the Office 365 platform is compliance management.

    But there are still limitations to Office 365, and no matter how many rules and policies you put in place, its up to you to respond to threats and protect your Office 365 data.

    In this webinar, you will learn how you can protect your Office 365 by:

    • Establishing and enforcing internal governance policies
    • Utilising native Office 365 protection capabilities and overcoming limitations
    • Enabling users to adopt while guiding them to comply with policies
    • Monitoring for compliance and privacy infractions
    • Intercepting violations before they become costly fines
    • Instilling accountability and oversight with auditing and reporting?
  • AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: How to Win the Office 365 Management Game

  • The responsibility of ensuring SharePoint runs smoothly falls squarely on your team. As the complexity of your deployment grows across on-premises, hybrid, or Office 365-hosted environments, the tasks will only begin to drop in faster and faster, with no sign of slowing down. Dont let them pile up until youre scrambling.

    In this webinar, we explored key Office 365 management fundamentals, including how to and help you with:

    • Administration: Reduce overall management complexity and simplify control over security, settings, configurations, and content across hybrid and Office 365 environments.
    • Reliability: Protect ALL of your content from SharePoint to OneDrive for Business, and even Exchange across Office 365, on-premises SharePoint, and hybrid deployments.
    • Scalability: Accelerate your rollout process by easily restructuring and scaling your information architecture as your needs evolve.
    • Visibility: Provide insight into usage, performance, and security with detailed auditing and reporting.
    • Optimisation: Ensure optimal SharePoint performance, content availability across dispersed instances, and optimise storage to meet growing data housing demand.
    • Policy Enforcement: Enforce your policies for permissions, configurations, and settings automatically.?
  • Transform your digital workplace with SharePoint and Office 365

  • Whether you use SharePoint as a document management system, an intranet, or for project management, you are probably looking to offer a digital workplace that allows employees to be more collaborative, agile, and productive. However, these business priorities must be balanced with the demands of data privacy and security coming from Information Governance and Compliance Teams. ?

    In this webinar, we explored how to:

    1.Provide employees an agile digital workplace with SharePoint that helps them collaborate easier and engage more.

    2.Make your SharePoint admins life easier by automating repetitive, time-consuming processes and tasks involved with managing your deployment.?

    ??3.Ensure systems are protected and secure while allowing employees to find content, share information, and work together better than ever before.?

  • Setting up a system of continuous compliance in the Microsoft Cloud

  • Learn how to automate your classification rules to ensure new content is correctly classified and tagged when added to the cloud. Automate the movement of data that is newly created or changed based on its content and classification as well as access and permission protocols.?

  • Data Discovery and ​Classification

  • Learn how to categorise your digital assets by sensitivity and business impact in order to assess risk.

  • Practical Tips and Tricks to Drive SharePoint Adoption

  • As is proven time and time again, implementing the best technology doesn't necessarily mean your project will be successful. New technology means organizational change which means to be successful, the people in the organization need to adopt the new solution you are providing.

    This session is intended for organizations that are struggling with Office 365 and SharePoint adoption. It will examine the implementation of SharePoint in the cloud and on premises from the perspective of the following topics:

    • The importance of adoption to the success of technology projects
    • Understanding the organizational barriers that prevent the adoption of new technologies, and how to evaluate the readiness of your organization to adopt cloud-based SharePoint
    • The key components of an adoption program
    • A SharePoint adoption case study
    • Guidance and best practices to help drive the adoption of cloud-based SharePoint in your organization
  • Utilize Office 365 to Improve Employee Performance and Optimize Data Management​

  • Nearly 40 percent of todays workforce is remote, but that doesnt mean theyre working separately. Office 365 provides todays market leaders and their employees with the tools they need to collaborate across geographic boundaries. Join us at 1PM ET on Thursday, May 5, as Sag Baruss, Senior Solutions Architect, AvePoint, and Yogesh Manchanda, Cloud Architect, COMPAREX, lead a 60-minute webinar to highlight the benefits of migrating your on-premises workloads to the Microsoft Cloud.?

  • Transitioning your Organisation to SharePoint 2016 and Office 365- SharePoint Online

  • Learn how your organisation can migrate to a hybrid SharePoint environment gaining access to the best aspects of both cloud and on-premises deployments. Well explain how you can determine what data is cloud-ready and what needs to remain on premises with added security features. Once your data has been assessed and classified, well share insights on how to successfully migrate your content into the cloud.

    Migrations involve more than a shift of content from one platform to the next-. You need to understand what type of environment you should deploy, and which path to SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 SharePoint Online is right for you. Learn what you can do now to adapt your business to the next era of SharePoint.

    During this webcast, we discussed:

    • Top reasons to utilise a hybrid SharePoint deployment for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
    • Available options for carrying out your migration
    • Best practice approaches for your migration based on actual customer scenarios
    • How AvePoint Migration Services can help you migrate with ease?
  • Inside SharePoint 2016 – What Is New and What It Means For You

  • Whether you're the SharePoint admin, architect, Chief Technical Officer, or do-it-all, our experts in migration, architecture, compliance, and administration are covering how SharePoint 2016 is upgrading the way you work. Chat with our expert during a live Q&A and dive into:

    • What's new in SharePoint 2016 and what it means for your business
    • Lessons learned from SharePoint 2016 IT Preview beta testing
    • Customer testimonials from SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2
    • SharePoint 2016's new compliance and hybrid support features
    • What to consider and how to start your upgrade to SharePoint 2016