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  • Migration from eRoom to SharePoint: Efficient Automation with User Expectations in Mind

  • EMC Documentum eRoom and Microsoft SharePoint are used in many organizations as central platforms for internal and external collaboration as well as document management. It is therefore critical to minimize the impact on business operations as much as possible when transitioning from eRoom and consolidating all data and processes in SharePoint or Office 365. When migrating the actual data and taking the differences between the systems into account, it is especially important to incorporate users specific expectations in order to successfully implement SharePoint.

    In this webinar, Alexander van Welzen, Managing Director at YADA, shows how YADAs unique migration methods enable a smooth system migration, saving time and money as well as ensuring a positive user experience.

  • Shedding light on Unstructured Data

  • In this webinar, well review best practices for designing and implementing a compliant, well-managed, and governed SharePoint deployment. Well begin by discussing key considerations for designing your information architecture based on compliance and information management requirements. Then, well cover deployment opportunities for hosting your infrastructure as well as best practices for upgrading or migrating your enterprise content to the latest version of SharePoint.

  • Collaboration at the Speed of 4G

  • With workers spread around the globe either in a conventional office, on the road, or in the field it's vital that they can access the critical information they need to do their jobs quickly, on any device. How can you dial back the noise of information coming from all angles and allow true knowledge in the enterprise to ring loudest utilising popular platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint?

    Join us in this session for your playbook to successfully support mobile devices for enterprise productivity apps. You'll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of:

    • The major concerns around mobile security and privacy
    • New features in SharePoint 2013 that help support mobile productivity
    • Options available for implementing out-of-the-box enterprise apps and custom app development
  • How the App Model Will Change the Workforce

  • Join Nintex and AvePoint as we demonstrate how apps will transform the way businesses think about collaboration through user demand and the consumerization of SharePoint. In this 60-minute webinar, Jeremy Thake, VP of Global Product Innovation at AvePoint, and Mike Fitzmaurice, VP of Product Technology at Nintex, show how the Microsoft Office 365 Store and App Catalog are leading this evolution and how business users can best evaluate apps to fit their needs. Fitz and Jeremy then take this concept a step further by showing how Microsoft SharePoint apps can enhance each other by demonstrating AvePoint Meetings and Nintex Workflow working in tandem, through a common real-world scenario.

  • Cloud Deployment Options Proven Practices for Office 365 Migration and Management

  • In this webinar, we will identify the key strategies, best practices, and available solutions to ensure that you are equipped to move to Office 365 with confidence that you will be able to keep data secure and manage the cloud-based deployment successfully.

  • AvePoint and NetApp Deliver the Blueprint for Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft SharePoint is revolutionizing the way enterprises collaborate, utilizing the platform for web portals, content management, workflow, collaboration, and search. With this proliferation and pervasiveness comes a host of growing pains within the organization, such as uncontrolled growth, performance issues, and compliance risks. These issues can lead to increased overhead and damage to your companys bottom line. This webinar details how to reel in the costs of SharePoint, while realizing the full potential of your SharePoint infrastructure.

  • Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

  • Moving to the cloud means something different to everyone do you commit to an all-in deployment with Microsoft Office 365, or host a workload on a cloud-service platform like Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Rackspace? No matter which avenue you take, you need to ensure that you have a solid backup plan in place to protect the data within your cloud deployment.

  • Simplify Management of your Microsoft Office 365 Assets

  • Moving to Office 365 eliminates much of the infrastructure burden and complexity that SharePoint and Office administrators fear. However, even with Office 365, the task of managing your users and ensuring that your governance policies are synchronized is never a sure thing. This webinar demonstrates how AvePoints fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, DocAve Online, helps to address common Office 365 management challenges, enabling optimal collaboration in the cloud.

  • Increasing Performance while Reducing Storage Costs

  • Microsoft SharePoint is quickly becoming the industry leading platform enabling enterprise collaboration and transforming business productivity. Automated and business-rule aware storage management is crucial to ensuring a successful SharePoint implementation.

    This AvePoint webinar will discuss strategies and help you learn more about how to manage your SharePoint environment to ensure top platform performance and productivity.

  • Windows Azure or Microsoft Office 365 – Simplifying Your Pathway to the Cloud

  • Are you serious about cloud computing but unsure of how to securely and efficiently make the transition?

    Cloud computing today is enterprise softwares version of the buffet: With so many options, where should you begin? Should you go for the whole smorgasbord at once, or pick and choose the menu items that are best for you? This presentation we will provide attendees with a blueprint for successfully navigating which deployment option is best suited to house your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure, a blueprint for successfully navigating which deployment option is best suited to house your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure and a look at available solutions for either upgrading or migrating to the Cloud, including DocAve Migrator.